Well, your wedding ceremony is the most important and special day of your lives and we want to get it perfect. It is also one of the most beautiful memories of your life that is forever in your hearts. Your dream wedding ceremony is a planned ceremony.

The experience should be intimate, warm, friendly, funny, unique, making a statement of your love and personal commitment, which you and your fiancé declare before your family and friends.

As an experienced Marriage celebrant we will be working together to achieve your dream wedding – I guarantee you will be enchanted.
You have the choice of standard written vows or personalized vows, which you compose yourselves, and express what your partner means to you, and what you promise to them in your commitment of love.

Your vows can be printed on a Declaration of Love scroll to read to one another, without verbal prompting from me. This scroll is preserved as memorabilia for future reflection.

If you desire readings/poetry /prayers I am able to help you choose selections that resonate with you.

You may also choose a ceremony within a ceremony to express your love, such as a Rose Ceremony or a Sand Ceremony.
It is an exciting and joyous time when parents welcome a baby into their family. Identifying the baby with a name is an important family celebration. Some parents do this formally with a religious service – while others prefer a more joyful family celebration at home.

Some babies are named shortly after birth, while for others, the first birthday is a popular occasion for a Name Giving ceremony. When a child is bestowed a name, the meaning of that name can be explained, as also the reason for choosing that name. Guardians, parents, grandparents can be involved in the writing and reading of poetry verses. A Naming Certificate is presented to the parents on this special occasion.

As a celebrant, I will be delighted to conduct your naming ceremony, when your loved ones gather to celebrate your baby’s journey.
This ceremony is often referred to as a Re-Affirmation of Vows and has no legal implications. It is for married couples wishing to re-affirm the vows of love and commitment they made on their wedding day. The occasion may be 10 years, or 50 years ago. It is a nostalgic opportunity for a couple to celebrate their promises to each other, and to feel their loving relationship rejuvenated and strengthened.

Often, it is a significant anniversary that is chosen for this occasion. Maybe the original venue is chosen for the ceremony with the original bridal party members and family members involved. It can be a special time for the old favourite songs and music, within the environment of an intimate candle-lit dinner…. and pop goes the champagne!
The Rose Ceremony is deeply moving. The bride and groom exchange two red roses sybmolising the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their future married life.

The roses are your gifts to each other, which you exchange after signing the marriage register – they represent your love – no words need to be spoken.

You can take the roses home and place them somewhere special. At any time in the future, you may place a new rose in the same place to remind your partner of your love – it could be a sweet memory, such as an anniversary or birthday, or a challenging time in your relationship.
The Sand Ceremony represents the mixing of lives, dreams and hopes into unity. It is particularly meaningful when one or both partners have children – two families becoming one.

Sand ceremonies involve mixing different coloured sands into one vessel. Two different coloured sands can be used for yourselves, and you can involve your children with a number of other colours.

The vessel serves as a reminder that everyone in the union is an individual, and that the family is made up of the individuals, just as the individuals create the family. This is a beautiful art display for a prominent place in your home.

Celebration of Life

Funerals and Memorials are the opportunity to celebrate the life of our loved ones, surrounded by those who cared for them.

A Funeral is an official ceremony that celebrates the life of the deceased. It is usually organised through a funeral home, and generally takes place within a week, after the loved ones death.

It is a deeply touching time, and as an empathetic celebrant, I bring dignity and respect to the celebration of life. I will guide you as to choices of music, readings, poetry or prayer. We will remember the deceased in the way they would have wished to be remembered, and also in the way that best allows their family to farewell them.

A Memorial is similar to a funeral in the sense that it is a ceremony remembering a loved one. Traditionally, there is no casket at a memorial, but a photograph, and it will take place sometime after the passing of the deceased, usually on an anniversary or another day of significance.

Ashes Ceremony

If the loved one has been cremated, the family may wish to scatter their ashes somewhere significant, such as, the site of some notable achievement for them, a favourite destination, or perhaps at the family home. The ceremony may include a selection of readings, music, poetry and prayer.